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We understand that you are creative.  You have great design ideas, marketing skills, product placement strategies, and perhaps even a customer base who will buy your product.  You just need the clothing.

A Stitch in Time – a Peruvian full-service clothing manufacture with US offices in Virginia -provides you the clothing, allowing you to focus on selling!  

The Concept

When starting your own clothing line there are a number of steps to take and requirements to meet.  In your research you will most likely discover that you either: 

1) have to pay high prices for American manufacturing services; or 

2) will find lower prices but will have to work with an overseas company to get them.  

To do that, you will have to order large amounts of clothing and your investment will come with the uncertainty of doing business long distance, and in many cases with someone who has a poor understanding of English and the American culture of customer service.

At A Stitch in Time, we know this.  It is why we created the company.  Our manufacturing house is located in Lima, Peru.  But we have a physical office  (and live) in the US.  Therefore, we are an easy phone call away.  

But because we manufacture in Peru, you get the opportunity to acquire clothing at exceptional prices and made of the best woven cloth in world 

– Peruvian pima cotton.  Pima cotton is extra-long-staple (ELS) cotton.  It is the world’s finest, prized for its exceptional softness and brilliant luster, as well as its durability.  Of course, if you prefer blends, we do that too! 

      Why A Stitch in Time?   

  • We are in the U.S. 

  • You make payments in the U.S.

  • We offer the lowest minimums (you know what  we mean).

  • We offer exceptional pricing that enables you to  profit.

  • We offer a variety of ‘blanks’ ready for you to customize, saving you design time and pattern fees. 

  • Being small and nimble like you, we offer quicker turn-around times.

  • The clothes come from ‘abroad’ but are duty-free due to a Peruvian/USA free-trade agreement. 

  • You will enjoy the difference of Peruvian cotton, the finest woven cloth in world.

A Stitch in Time......
Your manufacturing partner
We custom print any design you want on most fabrics!  We will help you to make a beautiful collection.

 Low minimun and amazing options!